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Authentic Music
of the Civil War

Performed By Bobby Horton

Acclaimed songwriter and performer who contributed to the soundtrack of Ken Burns' 'The Civil War'

"I don't think I've met anyone quite like Bobby who has the ability to understand the soul of American music."
Ken Burns, The Civil War

Emotional and spirited recordings of songs as sung by Americans, North and South...
faithfully accompanied by 'period' musical instruments. All volumes include a written historical background for each song.

"You cannot have an army without music."

"Horton's passion and high spirits bring us very close to what must have been the voice of an army."
American Heritage Magazine

"Bobby Horton proves to be the premier artist of Civil War music."
Blue & Gray Magazine

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C.S.A.#1 C.S.A.#2 C.S.A.#3 C.S.A.#4 C.S.A.#5 Vicksburg
C.S.A.#6 U.S.A.#1 U.S.A.#2 U.S.A.#3 U.S.A.#4 Hues of Blue & Grey
Available in cassette or CD

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Great Smoky Mts. Homespun Faith Homespun Christmas After Class
Celtic Classics Homespun Holidays Faith of our Fathers Johnny Has Gone
Available in cassette or CD


**Johnny Has Gone!!**

A Civil War Album by After Class

After Class has produced a new album entitled:

Johnny Has Gone

After Class has recorded songs for Civil War Music lovers for quite some time now.

Those of you who have bought albums from After Class before know what quality they bring to the listener's ear.

These songs range from jaunty to haunting in their melody and you are in for a treat. It's a classic, folks. Trust me!

Let me see the songs on this album...


It has been several years (1996) since Bobby Horton last released a Civil War album. Bobby has been spending most of the time between then and now working with Ken Burns and PBS producing the music for such specials as The History of Baseball, Lewis & Clark, Thomas Jefferson, Susan B. Anthony, and others. Finally, he has had enough spare time to produce the long anticipated UNION ARMY VOLUME #4 AND CONFEDERATE VOLUME #6. I have had many e-mail messages asking when these albums would be out and I am very happy to announce them now. Let me see the songs on the UNION album...
Let me see the songs on the CONFEDERATE album...

**Lyrics Now Available**
Actually, lyrics have always been available... we just never advertised them on the website. So now we are! Pretty sharp merchandising, huh...

Full lyrics are available for Confederate 1-5 and Union 1-3 at this time. They are $2.00 EACH for the printed and mailed copies, or $1.00 EACH for the e-mailed copies. You make the choice.
Take me to the order form, again.

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Every Single CIVIL WAR BOOK Ever Written?
No, but we are working on it! We have the "Cream of the Crop" to offer you. There is no better book list than the one we have here. We've worked long and hard to make this as easy for you as possible.
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Have you been looking for the soundtrack to the PBS TV Special by Ken Burns?
The one featuring the hauntingly beautiful theme song
"ASHOKAN FAREWELL...."We have it.
We also have the soundtrack to
and other Civil War Classic Albums.

Did you know that Bobby Horton has a VIDEO?
That's right! It is a one hour video produced by PBS called
"Music and Memories of the Civil War"
and you can find out all about it by clicking on the title.

**Exciting Announcement!!!**
The group, After Class, which did the "Hues of..." album, now has another album for you. It is called, quite simply, "AFTER CLASS" and has the same great dulcimer, violin, guitar, mandolin, etc. sounds as before, but with a slightly different "flavor." I would define it as ....Celtic/colonial/Appalachian.... but what do I know? All I am sure of is that it is great! If you have bought from me before, and most of you have, you know that I do not lie when I tell you that I only deal in the best quality music. This album is a fantastic addition to your collection. It is soothing, quiet and jaunty all at the same time. I have no reservations about recommending this album to you and as always I stand behind it with a guarantee to buy it back if you do not agree with me. But I'm not worried.
Let me see the songs on the album...

Do you like Dulcimers, Violins, Mandolins, and Guitars? Do you appreciate good instrumental CIVIL WAR music? The "CIVIL WAR MUSIC STORE" is proud to announce that we are now offering three of the finest "easy listening" albums available today.
"Hues of Blues & Greys",
"Faith Of Our Fathers", &
"Homespun Holidays"
by "After Class" of Birmingham, Alabama.
Trust me folks, these are a must!
Click on the titles above to view songs and to order.

"Homespun Songs of Vicksburg"
There is a new addition to the Bobby Horton collection. This is his 11th volume of music from The War Between the States. In 1997, Bobby had the opportunity to produce the music tracks for the Vicksburg National Military Park Video Tour. All of the tunes presented were from the period with the exception of four melodies that he composed for the project. I must tell you that one of these-- Gibraltar (on the Mississippi)--has already become one of my all time favorites. It is a world class effort. Like the previous ten volumes, Bobby did all of the arrangements, performances, artwork, and liner notes, and recorded the work in his home--hence the Homespun in the title. The album is called HOMESPUN SONGS of VICKSBURG and is the original instrumental soundtrack from the Vicksburg National Military Park video tour. So if you want to see the film you will have to travel to Vicksburg, Mississippi, but if you want to hear the glorious sounds of one of the best Civil War musicians in the country, we can take care of that for you here at the Civil War Music Store.Let me see the songs on the album...

Why not celebrate the "FAITH OF OUR FATHERS" with "After Class" or let Bobby Horton lead you in musical worship with "Homespun Songs of Faith!" These are both inspiring versions of your favorite hymns performed on period instruments...Lots of Dulcimers, Mandolins, Banjos, Guitars, Violins, etc.

"Homespun Songs of Faith" &
"Faith Of Our Fathers"
These will be unique and treasured additions to your music library!
Click on the titles to order either or both.
Let me see the songs on the Bobby Horton album...
Let me see the songs on the "After Class" album...


It has been a while since After Class last released an album. The wait has been worth it! The same dulcimer, violin, guitar, mandolin sounds that you have come to love in their other four albums has been captured in this inspiring Irish Celtic style that is so popular around the world. Just sit back and relax while the soothing sounds take you to places that only your mind's eye can create. The sound is luxurious and calming to the soul. If you have bought from me before, you know that I only deal in the highest quality music. This is another album that you need to add to your collection. I do not hesitate to recommend this new release to you and as always, I stand ready to buy it back if you do not agree with me.
Let me see the songs on the album...

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