Guess Who Game for the Serious Civil War Fan!

O.K,. So I insulted your intelligence with the first test ... but do you know who these guys are?
Fill in the blanks, submit it and we'll get back to you with your results.


Give it your best shot, send it in and a drawing for a free tape
of your choice will be held among those with the most correct answers.
Drawing will be held on the last day of each month.
Be sure to include your e-mail address if you like your chances.

1. Who was being referred to as GRANNY at the beginning of the war?

2. To whom was given the honor of signaling the first shot at Fort Sumter?

3. Who was nicknamed Old Pete ?

4. Major Robert Anderson was the commander at Fort Sumter.
Can you name the Captain that was his second in command? (Hint...He is famous
for an invention near and dear to the hearts of Americans.

5. What Union general wrote a novel after the war that was later made into a movie
and still holds the Hollywood record for total Academy Awards won?

6. What general had a brother that won TWO medals of honor during the Civil War?

7. What southern city refused to celebrate the Fourth of July for nearly 100 years after the war?

8. The only man to be executed for war crimes as a result of the Civil War?

9. This Union general was dubbed COMMISSARY by confederates after he was
routed by Jackson and was forced to leave behind huge stores of food and supplies?

10. Name the ship built for the Confederacy in the shipyards of England. This raider sailed the
seven seas sinking Union shipping but oddly enough never put into a southern port in its short
but glorious career?

11. This woman holds the dubious distinction of being the first woman executed
by the U.S. Government for her involvement in the Lincoln assassination plot?

12. On what battlefield would you find THE CRATER?

13. Of whom was Lincoln speaking when he said that he had....THE SLOWS?

14. Who was the commander of the Massachusetts 54th Regiment? (Full name)

15. Who was nicknamed THE WOOLY HORSE?

16. The single bloodiest day of the war was recorded at this battle?

17. This man had his house hit by one of the first cannon shots of the war in Manassas. He moved
to Appomattox where fate would have it that the surrender was signed in his very parlor!

18. What was the generic name given to Blacks in the South that came
under control of Union forces?

19. Who was called THE BUTCHER by many in the North?

20. Who rode a battle horse named LITTLE SORREL?

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