You cannot have an army without music.

Materials Unit
for Social Studies, English, and Fine Arts Teachers

The Civil War Music Store has a materials unit available that is geared specifically to the music presented in these albums. It has:

Complete Lyrics for each song;
Expanded Liner Notes and Histories of each song;
Twenty Page Glossary of terms used in the music;
Overhead Transparencies of the Major Personalities mentioned in the music;
Biographies of those same personalities;
Wordsearch Puzzles using terms from the music;
As well as Reference Ideas for creating Your Own Music Units.

All of this is available for the very modest price of $189.00 + $10.00 priority shipping. (Includes all eight CD's materials mentioned above) This is one of the best bargains in education! Especially if departments share the cost.


We can customize any 4 (four) CD's and their corresponding materials into a half unit for the budget minded. Just choose your desired four volumes and send it via e-mail, phone or regular mail or simply click the order form at the end of this message and include your info in the comments box and send it along. The half unit price is $99.00 + $10.00 priority shipping. Everything is exactly the same as the full unit except that YOU choose the four volumes.


Because of Bobby Horton's association with PBS Broadcasting during the making of Ken Burns Civil War epic, it was decided to make a PBS video on Bobby himself and his music. That video was over a year in the making and is now available to the public for the most affordably modest price of $34.95 +$3.00 shipping.
Civil War music historian Bobby Horton sings and plays 18 songs of North and South evoking patriotic fervor, laughter, and heartfelt sorrow. Bobby sketches the background of the tunes and gives a running commentary on the war, its music, and the people who listened to it (General Lee once remarked that you cannot have an army without music). Archival photographs and contemporary live-action scenes illustrate Bobbys authentic renditions of DIXIE, THE BATTLE CRY OF FREEDOM, BATTLE HYMN OF THE REPUBLIC, and fifteen others. This video is suited to grades 5 and up. It has color as well as black and white footage and runs 63 minutes. This was produced in association with the University of Alabama Center for Public Television and is of the highest quality. You will love it.

If you are interested in purchasing either the video, the complete unit or the half unit, just click below on the order form.

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